855-560-1406 / 8555601406 – ALLEGEDLY Royal Bank Canada – RBC Collections

This is (ALLEGEDLY – SEE BELOW) in-house collections from The Royal Bank (RBC) of Canada.


NOTE!!! I received this comment (thank you so much!) which I’m including in full. The sad thing is I (a relatively informed guy) apparently fell for it, though luckily I ignored them, as per my typical dealings with credit people:


I have also been called by this number, but I never answered the call. I did a number check over the internet and came across several responses to this number and similar numbers to 855 – 560 – 14xx.

I contacted RBC directly and this is the information given to me by an RBC manager:

1. This is not one of their numbers. RBC numbers are posted on their website.

2. They do use automated messaging and the automated message will leave a message on your voice mail.

3. RBC uses 1 – 800 – xxx – xxxx numbers not 1 – 855 – xxx – xxxx

They also provided the following information:

Your reporting of these fraudulent calls are important, and we would kindly ask that you contact the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre (CAFC) to report these calls by one of the following methods:

· phone at:

– 1-888-495-8501 (Toll Free)
– 1-705-495-8501 (Overseas and Local)

· fax at 1-888-654-9426 (Toll Free)
· mail at Box 686, North Bay, Ontario, P1B 8J8
· email at info@antifraudcentre.ca.

After reading several blogs on various websites, the suspicious numbers use variations of:

855 – 560 – 14xx

Be vigalent [sic] and never give personal information out to anyone. If you are not sure, then contact your bank through a known number and check.to see if the number is legitimate. If you talk to a live person on the other end then try to get as much information as possible such as full name (get them to spell it out), a return contact number, employee number, where they are calling from (city, province/state, country, street address, email information, etc.) Tell them you will call back, then check with your bank. If information does not match up, contact the authorities.

SCAM’s come in all types, check out what happened with yahoo when the email system got hacked.


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9 comments on “855-560-1406 / 8555601406 – ALLEGEDLY Royal Bank Canada – RBC Collections
  1. Scammingphishersmustdie says:

    Scam phishing for credit card information. Caller pretends to be account rep, but has no access to any account information or security protocols. Claims to be calling from Ontario when number is registered in California. Obvious boilerroom scam operation. DO NOT DIVULGE ANY INFORMATION! VISA Security warns against answering any calls from similar area code numbers – they do not operate this way and will call directly from your local branch within office hours and have access to security information.

  2. Scammingphishersmustdie says:

    BS! You are a shill promoting their phishing scam. VISA and related banks do not call without acurate account information and follow security protocols. You are a lying dirtbag!

    • TheMan says:

      Actually… If I am a lying dirt bag… I am surprised. They called me with information that did match fairly closely with what my current status was with The Royal Bank. That is, they were trying to get me to pay off my Royal OD Checking account and my Royal credit card that were in default post-separation. So, maybe I wrote down the wrong #, maybe scammers are using the call display of existing #’s… I dunno. But I was fairly sure that I was called by RBC at this number… Guess they scammed me. :-/

      Thanks and if anyone else wants to comment anonymously with info one way or the other, please do to help clarify for others!


  3. PJ says:

    That fits. We are in default with RBC also and the calls are all day long till 7 pm.

  4. Steve says:

    In regards to 1-855-560-1406. Allegedly RBC.. wow, that’s weird.. I don’t even bank with them.. nor have I ever.. So called the number on their website, nope, they have no 855 #s, and also have no record of me, my address, or my phone number. Suck a dick “TheMan”, you scumbag piece of shit.

    • TheMan says:

      Hey, Steve,

      A couple points:

      First: The word ALLEGED was added once I realized a few people had your experience. I find it odd that you think I am a “scumbag piece of shit” because I actually do happen to bank with them. ALLEGED is a big word, so maybe I should explain — it means “quite possibly NOT” — get it?

      Let me do the whole thing once again:
      1) They called me, I DO bank with them
      2) I was thinking they were legit, even though I never answered the call, etc. so
      3) I added them to this list.
      4) It was pointed out that I was quite possibly wrong.
      5) I added the big “ALLEGED” word there and warned people that this may be a scam.
      6) This for some reason annoys you.

      And, to my second point: Homophobic rants are pretty … old. Dick sucking is totally cool with me, so thanks for the offer, but … no thanks. :)

  5. Margaret says:

    Just called RBC on this and it is one of there numbers for collection. If your visa or loan is a payment late they call from this number. Pain in the ass they call none stop but RBC did say it was truely one of their numbers. One more reason I stopped banking with them

  6. rbc customee says:

    This is RBC collections.
    They call for loans and credit cards that are over due.

    They need your basic info to make sure you are the right person before they go informing you about your debt.

    So because your to scared to answer the call or think your intellegent enough to miss inform people of this number.

    Again , this is RBC collections.

    • TheMan says:

      And again, note the following: RBC does indeed have some connection to the number – But others could fake the call display to use the same number to run a scam. So just because your phone’s call display says some bank is calling you, do NOT believe it without proof that only they could give, such as balance on account, etc. This can lead to a weird dance where you’re both trying to figure out who is legit, so….

      if you really want to talk to RBC, just call the 1-800 on the back of your card!

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